Researching your style

One consequence of committing to a more refined wardrobe is learning to rely more on personal style and less on trends. (Fads and a reliable, timeless wardrobe don't exactly go hand in hand!) So, I've learned to define my style, first by researching what, exactly, that is.

Considering myself a professional Pinterest-er and fashion magazine reader, one of the biggest ways I discover my own style is to collect looks that I like on others and consider what elements of their outfits draw me to them. Often patterns emerge over time that show me exactly what styles I love-- it's actually a super easy method to finding your style! So next time you're in a wardrobe rut or need #outfitinspo for a particular event, start with some research, I promise it won't disappoint!

Check out my look inspired by the many street chic ladies I've come across on Pinterest, just like this one. Items I had in my closet: pleated midi skirt (check!), oversized sweater (check!), and mules, the 'this season' addition to my wardrobe.