The 5 Pieces I Purchased for Fall

Now that the size of my closet has been cut down significantly, it's the perfect time to invest in just a couple of quality pieces for the season that I know will be some of my go-to items for years to come. (Especially because I've ditched about 30 low-quality pieces and I'm ready to revamp with five trusty replacements instead.) Keep reading for the five pieces I picked up for fall!

I could write and write about this piece, but there will be plenty more of it to come, so I will refrain. The gist is that this sweater is heavy-duty, durable AND it can be worn three ways. Stay tuned for many (many) ways to style this baby, coming soon.

Again, completely versatile, comfy and well made. I love lightweight knit dresses for fall-- just throw it on to look completely put together, yet feel like you're still snuggled in a blanket.

I'm not much of a statement jewelry person, but sometimes you need something chic and understated for those times when you want to step out of the norm. (I'm usually sporting gold studs day-in and day-out.) These are simplistic, pack a punch and would look just as good with an evening gown as they would with a tee and jeans.

This gifted piece (s/o to Michael!) was more of a 'wanted it for years now/ will use it forever' type item. Honestly, I've had my eye on it for what feels like forever and I know the size, strap and leather is more of a closet staple than just a seasonal piece.

My boot collection until now has consisted of faux leather, worn down boots that I've had for years. I figured it was time for a grown-up version, and here they are. Mid-heel (which feel like flats for me) to run around in all day and a flattering shape -- win/win.