A Capsule Wardrobe, My Way

Hello unfailing readers and first time visitors-- I'm excited you're here! My style, shopping habits and general mindset have certainly evolved over the past year or so, and after embracing the transition and making a few small changes, I'm here to fill you in!

I have committed to embracing a (somewhat) minimalistic lifestyle. I’ve purged my closet, sold my car and generally simplified to gain freedom; freedom from excess burden, debt and the tendency to spend too much attention and effort on material items. (DISCLAIMER: I am in a no way a true minimalist, I still own too many shoes and like purchasing things like notebooks and leather goods just because I can't resist... it's a work in progress!)

What does that mean style-wise for a fashion addict? I’ve created the Jessica version of a capsule wardrobe. (Read more about capsule collections at my favorite sites Vetta, Style Bee and Un-Fancy.) Although I'm far from having a capsule wardrobe, I love that I've been more aware of my fashion purchases recently. Less impulse buying and more thoughtful shopping for quality pieces mean that I no longer feel the need to revamp my wardrobe every season because my pieces from last year feel completely obsolete.


That being said, I wanted to start putting this theory into practice by showcasing looks containing my wardrobe staples that I've had in my closet for over a season. Check it out and get inspired!