THE CARIBBEAN // Best Secluded Gems

As one of the most popular tropical vacation destinations, the Caribbean boasts a number of hotspots. Although gorgeous, they are often crowded with tourists. With a little research into the suggestions of those who have been (you're welcome!), it's easy to find secluded areas and personalized experiences that make you feel like you're on a private island. See where we visited that took us off the beaten path on our recent trip to the USVI, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

St. Thomas, USVI | Although not always secluded, one of the most popular beaches in St. Thomas, Magen's Bay, is absolutely worthy of a day trip. (Sometimes there's a reason for the tourists.) You can hop in a cab to get there (it's located on the opposite side of the island from the cruise port) or rent a Jeep to have more flexibility in where you explore. Find a spot along the far edge of the shore and don't forget to try coconut milk cut fresh on the beach while you're there.

San Juan, Puerto Rico | Puerto Rico is filled with amazing rainforests and natural landscape to explore. If you are interested in group outings, ATV and hiking tours are a great way to check them out... without the stress of trying to navigate on your own. While San Juan isn't necessarily known for its beaches, Condado Beach is a quiet place to enjoy the tropical water. If you're looking for an upscale, secluded experience, stay (or get a day pass to) Caribe Hilton for a private lagoon, pool and bar. When you want a break from the quiet, wander old San Juan for rich history and photogenic architecture.

Nassau, Bahamas | Say Nassau and most will automatically think 'Atlantis' (rightfully so). Atlantis, with its extensive water attractions, marine habitats and out of this world dining, is certainly worth a trip. However, for an authentic Bahamian experience, head over to Fish Fry: mecca for the best conch salad and fritters, and any other local seafood.  Located next to a quiet cove, Frankie Gone Bananas keeps their conch salad bar front and center, so you can see the chef preparing it fresh right in front of you. Plus, check out the high-end shopping downtown (complete with more millennial pink than you could ever want)!

Where have your travels taken you off the beaten path? Comment and let me know!