Hello, December

Remember when I wrote that September begins my favorite months of the year? And here we are, the holidays upon us. (YES!) December 1st was spent decorating the loft, Christmas movies included. Like other holidays, I decorate with natural elements; in this case, winter greens, and pine-scented candles of course! I wish I could burn this scent year-round, I love it so much. Anyway, outside of our tree, ornaments and knit stockings, we don't have to store holiday decorations... because we don't have any! Minimalism and less-waste win! I'm looking forward to enjoying the Christmas cheer with the Boston community that I love at events like the Sowa Winter Market, shops like Olives and Grace, restaurants like Coppa and other cute and cozy South End spots. How will you be welcoming the holiday this month?

And, albeit a little late, check out the few things I've been loving the past few weeks.

Happy holidays, my friends!


Elizabeth Suzann Tunic | Here it is: one of my winter season purchases and my absolute, absolute favorite thing I've bought in a very long time. (Think about how great it needs to be for me to say that!) This is a piece that I 'watched' and considered buying a while, saved for and finally took the plunge a few weeks ago. ES pieces are made-to-order in Nashville, so lead times are long (four to five weeks) and it just goes to show that slow fashion does all sorts of things for your appreciation and excitement of a piece of clothing. This thing is super durable, oversized, versitile and essentially foolproof. I can't say enough good things!


Mejuri Layered Choker | Mejuri is my favorite jewelry brand right now. Whenever I hop onto their site, I just want it all! (But refrain, because minimalism.) I love that their transparent costs allow customers access to quality pieces for fairly affordable prices. As a gold-only wearer, I love that I can get something gold-plated that I can wear all of the time and not tarnish after a few weeks. I'd much rather save up for something that I know will last forever, instead of continuously buying replacements for bad quality pieces. Fewer, but better, right?!



Leon Bridges | There's something about staying in on a cold night, listening to some wind-down music and cooking yourself a dinner or reading a book by candlelight. (What a romantic idea.) And the ultimate sound for such instances is Leon Bridges. Smooth, cool and jazzy, he's the soundtrack to my winter. Listen to one of my favorites, Lisa Sawyer, to start your obsession.