October Favorites

It feels like I was just rounding up my September and looking forward to October... yikes, time flies. I've recently found myself watching a bunch of YouTubers talk about their monthly favorites and I enjoyed listening to what other people are loving, especially those who have a similar aesthetic and set of values as I do. (It's usually the best way to find out about awesome brands!) Since I am in no way a YouTuber, I figured I'd blog about my October favorites. Get a glass of wine, it's about to be a long one... 

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Uniqlo Long Sleeve Shirt | Take one look at my Instagram recently and you may notice one similarity in almost every #ootd photo... this button-down. It's lightweight, extremely comfortable and acts as the foundation to almost all of my outfits, especially in the fall. My closet absolutely wouldn't be the same without it.

Vintage Leather Vest | One of the most sustainable ways to shop is to go vintage. I came across this leather vest at the SoWa Vintage Market and couldn't leave without it. Heavy duty and great quality, it's a piece that fits seamlessly into my wardrobe and is a great representation of my personal style. The pinnacle of vintage finds. Plus... giant, utilitarian pockets. Yesss! (Style post to come...)


RMS "Un" Cover-Up in Shade 22 | I was skeptical to convert to this product for my every day foundation/cover up. I used to be heavily reliant on a full coverage liquid foundation and this initially seemed... insufficient. In the same breath, I've really been looking to simplify my make-up routine to mix both wearable and easy to use (IE apply with your fingers) products for every day. After using this for a week or so, I realized why it is a cult favorite among clean beauty influencers. It covers my spots, lasts all day and feels lightweight. (For those of you with very dark spots or chronic acne, I do not recommend!)


Kjaer Cream Blush in Abundance | Beware, this stuff is pricey. (You have been warned.) In my journey into less but better products, my eight blushes have been cut down to five and the cream blush I had before was completely used, so I felt justified in this recent purchase. Not to mention, I love cream blushes for fall and winter, and you probably do too if you have dry skin. So glowy and flattering.


Paddywax Alpine Candle in Tobacco & Moss | Just like my less and better approach to make-up, I'm practicing this theory around my apartment, as exemplified with Paddywax. Gone be the days of so many Bath & Body or Yankee Candle products that I could barely make room for... I found out about this brand from this Dearly Bethany video and I am loving my first purchase from them! They are hand-poured in Nashville and come in the most unique scents. Mine is tobacco and moss. Although I wouldn't have picked this scent on my own, Bethany was persuasive. (I told you I've been loving these YouTube videos.) I love how fall-ish and outdoorsy the scent is without being overly sweet or 'classic' fall.

Mason Jars | My next blog post will talk about this more, but I have come to love and rely on mason jars. Need a vase? Mason jar. Storage for food or tomorrow's lunch? Yup. Container for just about anything? How about a cup for your water or iced coffee? They are absolutely one stop shopping and have been an awesome addition to our apartment.

Evernote | This is not a new app but man, I rely on this thing... a lot. I came across a tweet once that compared a creative's mind to a browser with a hundred tabs open at any given time and I relate to that with my whole being. My mind is always thinking about a million things at once and if I don't write it down... POOF! Gone in a cloud of smoke. I love how I can make checklists, set reminders, or include photos or drawings with my notes, it just makes everything feel so much more organized.


The Good Trade | This site talks everything ethical and I've found it to be a great resource for how to live a more intentional life. As someone who is new to the game and isn't as up on brands and products that may fall into my values, it's been so informative to keep up with daily. Sign up for their daily email here.

The Glossary | I actually wait on the edge of my seat for content to be released from The Glossary. This blog highlights women across the country who have rad businesses and are completely inspiring to people like little old me. The blog is run by a girl-boss herself, Mandy, and I just love the general type of woman she is and the type of women she highlights on her site. Serious female empowerment vibes.




Billie Eilish | She is 15 and she is crazy cool. Will I ever be as cool as Billie?! 100% not, but that's why I love her. With a super sporty style and moody sound, I just can't get enough. One thing I find to be so intriguing is her experimentation with fictional song writing...I've never even heard of that before and think it's genius. Her song bellyache is sung from the viewpoint of a psychopath who regrets her psychotic actions after she commits them. I told you she was moody. Check out the Marian Hill remix of her song bellyache here.


See you next month for my November favorites!