Hi, I’m Jessica–-

–-and welcome to a mostly-fashion peek into my life (with some food, travel and lifestyle sprinkled in-between).

These past few years, I noticed that many of the bloggers and fashion elite that I admire are inspirational but not obtainable: they style this season’s designer pieces, have a six-figure budget and often one of those dreamy room-for-a-closet setups. (Not hating, all the more power to them!) But frankly, that is not me and that is not my lifestyle. Most importantly, as much as I love fashion, it's not truly in line with my values.

I’m a moderate minimalist.

It’s been said, “Minimalists don’t avoid material possessions. We avoid EXCESS”, And that has become my motto in personal style… and just about everything else.

So here I am, curating my version of a capsule collection. I am the first to admit, I am not without material possessions, I’m a moderate minimalist, remember, but my conscious decision to buy smarter has improved my closet, apartment, wallet and lifestyle immensely. Fashion-wise, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from being able to wear the same black jumpsuit for years and still feel in style and also not feeling like I need to purchase a whole new wardrobe every season, right?! And otherwise, I just feel less consumed by excess and more focused on the things that matter in life. (There's the yogi in me coming out!)

Outside of my career and blogging, I am a self-proclaimed foodie, travel enthusiast, Buddha collector (yes, you read that right) and dog lover.

I hope my page serves as a source of achievable inspiration, whether it be in your style, next travel journey or satisfying your curiosity in a minimalist lifestyle.  Thank you for checking it out! – J.